Transparent and highly recommended say Soumo Das from Kolkata
The kind of business these guys @ Reglobe are doing is simply amazing. First of all I would like to congratulate them with the intuitive process of e-waste management. At every stage of the process, you guys are thoroughly professional, customer friendly and most importantly supportive. Right from sending mails on updated quotation prices to evaluation and then payment is what I expected and trust me I wasn't let down. I have already recommended about Reglobe to my friends and colleagues and the first thing they utter is 'WOW'. Thank you Reglobe!!! Hoping to sell more gadgets with your transparent business initiative 
Hope to sell more gadget says Saroja Sitaram from Bangalore
It's nice that ReGlobe has streamlined their operations towards a swift and assured method of getting anyone to be able to sell their old gadgets wanting to either upgrade to another product or just by getting paid cash. Their product list is quite good for getting quotes and the reverse pickup is well tuned, with the cheque arriving in two days. Great job, hope you expand your product list to enable more usage of the service. Else could provide an option to enter details of product to be sold, if it's not listed but gets evaluated.

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